Forline Group has successfully built more than 15 million square feet both commercial and residential properties in five countries across the globe during the past 20 years. Through the years, the members of our team have been involved with almost every phase of project development. We work along with developers and builders who have primarily worked on large projects. Our strength comes from our ability to assess and apply the proper approach to produce the best results.
Many of our projects were built on a short schedule with a limited budget and required more than the ability to build isolated buildings. These projects required a company with specialized management expertise that only comes with long and careful development of control systems that are flexible enough to be applied to multi-structure projects, as well as individual buildings.

For our projects, we apply our very serious commitment to superior construction management and demand contractor workmanship excellence. Our cost reporting systems are state-of-the-art and allow us to respond rather than react. Our monthly team meetings allow the entire company to focus on each project, adding depth to our decision making process.

Our strengths in pre-construction abilities, design talents, estimating, value engineering, cash flow management, cost reporting, scheduling, project control, and on-site management make Forline Group a premier builder and developer. We take great pride in our completion performance of our compressed schedules. Our philosophy has changed very little in almost 20 years of progress; we explicitly pledge Forline Group to provide timely and cost-effective construction and development services of the highest quality to every project.